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360 gallon acrylic reef aquarium designed, set up and serviced by Shane Clayton


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section of 125 gallon glass reef aquarium set up by Shane Clayton


Visit our PHOTO ALBUM for pictures of a few of our more photogenic installations!


50 gallon glass shallow reef aquarium with Tridacna maxima clams from the Marshall Islands - set up and serviced by Shane Clayton




Professional Consultations and Systems Design For Architects and Interior Designers

Experienced System Installation and Regular Maintenance Services

On-site Aquarium Consultations and Troubleshooting

Aquarium and System Component Sales

Serving Both Private and Commercial Clients

AquaTech Aquariums will specify either glass or acrylic systems depending upon the type of aquarium setup or client preferences. Visit our Glass or Acrylic? page for the pros and cons for either material. We currently work with TruVu-Aquaplex and CPR for acrylic aquariums, wet-dry filters, overflows and sumps, and Deep Sea Aquatics or Catalina Aquarium for glass aquariums. We specify custom stand and canopy cabinets crafted by Angelo’s Custom Woodworking and stock stand and canopy cabinets and support stands fabricated by Deep Sea Aquatics. We specify lighting systems built by Hamilton Technology or Catalina Aquarium, depending upon the type of aquarium. We contract with Action Ironworks for powder coated iron support stands for larger aquarium projects over 300 gallons. AquaTech Aquariums will also consult with your architect, interior designer, contractors and cabinet builder during the planning and design stage to ensure a beautiful, functional and safe aquarium system for homes and businesses. Would you like a quote on an aquarium system? Visit our Getting Started page to begin the process.

AquaTech Aquariums sells and delivers stock and custom aquariums and stands from the above manufacturers directly to you at highly competitive prices. How do I beat my competition’s prices? Simple! I am not a retail store, so I do not have the costly overhead of retail floor space and employees. My prices are significantly lower than the retailers sticker price or the manufacturer’s retail pricing. Ask for a quote today!

AquaTech Aquariums also has superior sources for equipment, livestock and supplies, but we are committed to helping you make more informed decisions even if you prefer to buy your fish and supplies via mail order, online, or at your favorite local aquarium shop! Our goal is to assist in making your dream aquarium a reality, wherever you may choose to purchase your equipment, livestock or supplies.

We invite you to read our Mission Statement for details outlining our commitment to delivering quality livestock, supplies, support and service.


Be sure to check out some examples of my work on my Photo Album page!



100 gallon acrylic planted turquoise discus aquarium designed, set up and serviced by Shane Clayton


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140 gallon glass reef aquarium designed, set up and serviced by Shane Clayton


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For new systems call or e-mail me for an initial no-cost consultation, or let’s schedule an on-site visit and begin the process!

If you are a non-commercial private customer and wish to purchase an aquarium and/or system, please be sure to visit our Getting Started page to get a rough idea of what size and type of aquarium you’d like before contacting me (thanks).

Our on-site consultations or inspections of existing systems includes a comprehensive water test, system evaluation, recommendations, and, if needed, an on-site quote for an upgrade, redesign or refurb of your existing system.

My objective is to deliver the finest personalized aquarium set-ups and care, so I am accepting only a limited number of exclusive ongoing service accounts at this time. My calendar fills up fast, so don't delay - call or e-mail me today!

Shane Clayton - owner and aquarium guru

telephone / voicemail : (916) 549-3949



Basic Terms of Service

Our professional consultation rate is $50.00 per hour with a $50.00 minimum. Our labor rate is $55.00 per hour with a $55.00 minimum for installations or aquarium service. Long-term service contracts are negotiable. Drive time is calculated at $15.00 per half hour each visit, with a half hour minimum and a two-hour two-way maximum. Travel or drive time is determined from either my point of departure from West Sacramento, or departure from previous appointment to arrival at your site, or from your site to next scheduled appointment or return to West Sacramento, whichever is less. Account balance is due and payable by cash or check on the day of service, excepting monthly billing arrangements or long-term service contracts paid in advance.

Water tests are always free!



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175 gallon glass reef aquarium designed, set up and serviced by Shane Clayton


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