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Mission Statement

AquaTech Aquariums was founded on the assumption that the design, installation and ongoing management of advanced aquariums is similar to other specialized professions - it is not inherently a do-it-yourself prospect for many who might desire an aquarium display in their homes or businesses. While all dedicated aquarium hobbyists require a dependable source of advice, quality equipment/supplies and healthy livestock, more especially do smart professionals, who have neither the time nor inclination to do it all themselves. They need a professional aquarium service and supplies provider - just as they do their other professional services.
AquaTech Aquariums
is just such a provider. We serve our valued clients as a trusted ally, with many years of experience and knowlegable advice, dependable service and the highest quality products. We make sure that our clients have what they need to achieve their dream aquarium cost effectively with a maximum of efficiency and reliability, and a minimum of attention on their part. Technologically advanced tropical (warm water - 78 degrees F)  and temperate (cold water - 55 degrees F) aquariums are essentially life support systems for rare and delicate fish and invertebrates - mostly collected from the oceans, so we give our clients solid assurance that we will be there when they need us with cutting-edge technical troubleshooting expertise.
AquaTech Aquariums
is responsive to our clients' demand for the most vibrantly colored and healthy fish, corals and and other invertebrates as well as the greatest and latest support equipment and supplies. To this end, we have cultivated solid long-term business relationships with some of the finest livestock importers and equipment distributors in the aquarium industry. For us, our suppliers and our customers, it is always quality over quantity, even though it may cost a bit more or take a little more time, planning and effort.
We at AquaTech Aquariums are especially sensitive to the global ecological impact of bio-consumerism in the aquarium industry, and strive to comply with the latest certification and standards programs.  We go the extra mile to verify that the living organisms we offer are collected, handled, held and transported according to independently monitored international standards. This ethical business practice not only provides you with the healthiest of specimens with greater prospects of survival in your aquarium, but will help to ensure that our precious reefs, rivers and lakes will remain a healthy renewable resource for aquarium lovers far into the future. 

AquaTech Aquariums knows that the discriminating aquarium enthusiast demands a competent and experienced aquarium service company, a professional care provider dedicated to achieving a single goal - attractive, sparkling clean and clear aquariums with vibrant colorful healthy fish and invertebrates. Above all, we understand that our clients are busy professionals themselves, who expect reliable and consistent service and supplies. We are dedicated to deliver just this, and our clients' aquariums all show it.

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