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SERVICES: What we do!

AquaTech Aquariums was started in Sacramento, California 1999 by aquarium specialist Shane Clayton in response to a great demand for professional expertise and top tier products by both private and commercial clients who wish to have aquariums as an integral design element in their homes, offices and public areas.

AquaTech Aquariums services include:

► Consulting 
► System Design 
► System Sales, Delivery and Setup
► Ongoing Aquarium Service Management and Training
► Sales and Home Delivery of Aquarium Supplies

Shane specializes in building and maintaining "state-of-the-art" Marine Tropical and Temperate Reef aquaria, serving as an indispensable resource of experience and knowledge during the design, equipment specification, sales, delivery, installation and ongoing management phases of these logistically demanding and biologically complex projects.

A bona-fide aquarium enthusiast since 1976 and founding member of the Sacramento area's first marine hobbyist club - the Marine Aquarists Roundtable - begun in 1997, and as manager of several well-known Seattle and Sacramento retail aquarium stores for over 25 years, Shane has gained a broad hands-on background working with livestock (fish, corals and invertebrates) as well as the multifaceted array of the various types of aquariums, stands, lighting and appliances necessary to build and maintain a successful vibrant living reef aquarium display.

Being the owner of AquaTech Aquariums, a thriving aquarium installation and service company operating out of Sacramento for the past 18 years, Shane has recently semi-retired and relocated to lovely Chico, California, and now primarily specializes as a consultant and designer of advanced reef aquarium displays for upscale homes, businesses and medical facilities wherever the project may call him.

Additonally, Shane enjoys assisting in upgrading or refurbishing of older systems, as well as training aquarium owners and/or their employees the ins-and-outs of performing regular aquarium service either for themselves, or in-house. He also schedules regular on-site visits for evaluations and diagnostics of the overall health, systems and water quality of customer's aquariums. Shane is also happy to meet clients at the best brick-and-mortar stores for assistance in choosing livestock specimens, as well as assisting in decision making for livestock purchases from other online sources.

Right now, Shane also has a few limited openings for regular aquarium service contracts with exclusive clients in the Chico area. 

For additional support and service, Shane's top assistant manager over the years, Bryan Griffiths, who took over his old AquaTech accounts and began his own successful growing company OceanTech Aquarium 10 years ago, works closely with AquaTech as a valued associate and subcontractor for service and installations. He is always a phone call away from AquaTech Aquariums' Sacramento clients when a quick service visit is required.

Last but not least - AquaTech Aquariums sells and delivers everything we specify and recommend - at prices competive with all of the popular online discount stores. For our customer's convenience, we have added our own specialized online supplies store to this website for local deliveries to our customers, so be sure to check back soon for updates! 

AquaTech Aquariums makes free deliveries of supplies orders over $50 in the greater Chico area, and for purchases over $100 in the greater Sacramento area.

Call 530-434-0923 anytime for a free recommendation and price quote for any aquariums, appliances or supplies you may require.

Talk to you soon!

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